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Obituaries & Condolences

We welcome you to the Obituaries & Condolences section of tatemortuary.com.  Here you are welcome to browse obituaries and condolences for services Tate Mortuary has been entrusted to provide.  Condolences are encouraged, and can be submitted by filling out the “Leave a Reply” form below each obituary.  A comment will only appear on the site once it has been approved by the Tate Mortuary staff.   All approved comments will be printed and forwarded to the families. If the obituary you are looking for is not listed this might be from one of the following reasons:  If the death  occurred with in the 1-2 business days the obituary is likely  to be posted soon, so check back.  It could also be that the services are being handled by a funeral home other that Tate Mortuary, so check a link below for local newspaper obituaries.  Finally it is possible that the family has requested no obituaries be posted.




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